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A Spanish Sleeper

When we talk about wine, it seems like France, Italy, and California dominate the conversation. For some reason, Spanish wine is often left out, despite its flourishing wine scene that has existed for thousands of years. So, for this week's sip, I took a trip to Spain... figuratively speaking, unfortunately.

This week's sip is the Pardevalles Albarín Bianco, a tasty white wine full of lemon citrus, white peach, and a defining saline quality. You may not have heard of Albarín, which shouldn't be confused with Albariño, another Spanish white of a similar name. Albarín is indigenous to the Léon province of Spain, and it is grown in very small quantities. In fact, if it wasn't for Pardevalles and their commitment to highlighting Léon terroir and the D.O's indigenous varieties, this grape likely would have gone extinct.

So, what does this wine taste like? Close your eyes, and let me paint you a picture. You're on vacation, and you sit down to dinner on a patio. The breeze is somehow perfectly cool and warm at the same time. You've showered and moisturized after a long day spent swimming in the sea and laying in the sand. Your whole body is overcome with that warm, serene, rested feeling. You lick your lips, and there's just a hint of salt left. It's surprising, but not unwelcome. That's Albarín. Salty, citrusy, and fresh.

Albarín may seem like an unconventional choice for Thanksgiving weekend, but this wine is an expression of love for one's home. And in that way, it was the perfect sip.

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