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Italian Elegance

Nebbiolo is an Italian grape variety with a reputation for making some of the best wines in the country. This grape is often associated with the structured, high tannin, and high acid wines from Barolo and Barbaresco in Piemonte. But Nebbiolo also grows in Lombardy, particularly in Valtellina, one of Italy's smaller and lesser known appellations. Here Nebbiolo is called Chiavennasca, but it is the same grape producing wines of the same exceptional quality.

This weeks (very late) sip is the 2017 Valtellina Superiore Sassella Stella Retica DOCG by Arpepe. This wine has the bold tannic structure that Nebbiolo is known for, but there's a surprising softness as well. It's aromas and flavours are a beautiful combination of cherry, spice, rose petals, and tar.

This wine is flavourful and rich enough to be enjoyed on its own, but it would also elevate any meal. The minerality makes it the perfect pairing for truffle or mushroom based dishes and rich, gamey meats. Whatever you choose to enjoy with this bottle, you won't be disappointed.

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